If your a parent I advise that you DON’T read this.

so what! I made a mess, I can clean it up I just don’t fucking care!

if it was important I would!

some things just aren’t important, but nooooooo apparently for parents every little thing is important  like BRUHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I DON’T FUCKING CARE!! It’s MY room. I can do whatever I want with it! Again, somethings are just UNimportant  parents don’t understand this generation. This generation and there generation, it’s just DIFFERENT!

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FIFA World Cup

the final match of the women’s Fifa world cup Japan vs USA , USA won 5-2

Noooooooooooooooo its so frustrating, I wanted Japan to win. Sooooooo frustrating!!!!!!! Ugh!!!!! Which country did you guys vote for? Leave a comment below

Summer break?

today my brother got out of school and so his summer break has finally started but I still have a month left which I hate, but that means I still have time before my best friend moves to Washington. One teacher told me to bug my brother while he’s on break, and too do that I am going to make a really loud noise to wake up my brother really early cause I have school early in the morning (⌒▽⌒)(^o^)

Just finished testing

i just finished my SBAC testing at school or some of you call it the smarter balanced test. Either way I’m not going to lie the ELA was pretty easy but the math was harder than I thought I hope I don’t get into remedial math next year I want to be In regular or advance so wish me luck on my test scores

The grunion

so yesterday at night I went to the beach at night and caught about 20 grunions with my family I couldn’t take pictures so I can’t show it to you but you can excpierience what I did at the ocean side beach at around 11 pm next week search online to see when and what time to go